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Hillary Hamilton for Auditor

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I want to express my sincere thanks to each one of you for your incredible support, both personally and financially. Your contributions have been instrumental in my mission to transform the Auditor's Office into a more customer-friendly organization.

During these months as Auditor, we've faced challenges and celebrated victories together. Your commitment has allowed me to innovate, improve services, and prioritize transparency, all in the best interest of taxpayers. Here are some highlights of what we've achieved:

  • Our 2025 reappraisal process is in full swing, with a focus on analyzing daily sales data and preparing for ground-level assessments of all 66,626 parcels.
  • Despite staffing challenges, we've welcomed two new team members and initiated cross-training programs to create a versatile workforce by mid-2025, enhancing efficiency and communication.
  • We're leveraging cutting-edge technology, like Cyclomedia, to enhance our reappraisal efforts and provide our appraisers with state-of-the-art software for improved efficiency.
  • Keeping open lines of communication with taxpayers remains a top priority, ensuring they are informed of deadlines and developments within the Auditor's Office.

I'm honored to represent Clark County on the legislative committee of the County Auditor's Association Organization, advocating for our community on a broader scale.As we look ahead, there's still much work to be done, and I'm committed to making continuous improvements. To achieve this, I seek your support. The 2026 election cycle is approaching, and I'm reaching out for your assistance in building a strong foundation now.

As you know, running a successful campaign depends on the financial help of loyal friends and supporters like you. That’s why I am asking you to donate to my campaign. Your money will help purchase signs, advertising and other campaign supplies. By becoming a supporter, you become an important part of the political process.

I kindly ask for your financial contribution to amplify our ongoing efforts. While suggested giving levels are provided, any amount is greatly appreciated. Your support is crucial in securing victory in 2024 and 2026, ensuring accountability and going the extra mile for the taxpayers of Clark County.

Please send your check of support to: Citizens to Elect Hamilton for Auditor: C/O Nickolas E. Holt, Treasurer, PO Box 2705, Springfield, Ohio 45501-2705 or you can donate here online. Thank you in advance for your vote and financial support.


Hillary Hamilton


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